Sunday, March 11, 2007


"The FCC's authority is limited to licensed broadcast stations. Content on cable networks that is not available over the airwaves is beyond the agency's reach.
To address cable, the report suggests that Congress could draft legislation that would mandate a "family tier" of programming or a form of channel choice known as "a la carte."

I say this because retailers who
offer multi-channel choice, such as Argos and DSG,
are allowing their customers to decouple the steps of product purchase and
choose the most convenient channel for each step.

Consumers will have access to Virgin Central,
a new blockbuster interactive cable channel,
combining ordinary television channel choice with TV-on-demand technology, which will complement Virgin Media's existing library of TV-on-demand entertainment introduced in Sunderland last October, which
includes over 500 movies, highlights from the previous week's primetime schedule and music videos.

A letter to the editor
Dear Editor:
I've been to the Madison airport quite frequently lately. Why is it that every TV in the common areas was tuned to Fox News turned up full volume?
We have to listen to their blather when we're stuck waiting for a plane. It's worse than a bad headache.
Is there any way to get the airport to change the channel?

Our TV service gives customers broadband
plus the channel choice they want and
free on-demand programming,
all for the price you would pay for a standard broadband connection."

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